All the New Things

As I navigate through this whole “owning a business” thing, I’ve realized the people who are around me in my real, everyday life know a way different Jen than those who are friends of friends, happened upon my page, or are locals and have checked out the new storefront.  (I hope) the latter two see a well put together gal, as opposed to the hot mess that I actually am. And honestly, the people who are around me enough KNOW that I’m a hot mess, I cuss a lot, and I’m ok with that.  At some point, I think my work should reflect that—-and so, from here on out, I will make a better effort to show that side. As a show of good faith, I’ve listed a bunch of sweary shirts today on my website. The will be more signs, more tumblers, more dish towels, and just overall MORE of all the sweary things. So welcome to the dark side 🖤🖤
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